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About Cargo Bike

What is "Cargo Bike"?

Cargo Bike is a bicycle which you can load big parcels.
It is also called "Freight bicycle".
There is one with the cargo either on the rear of the bicycle or the front of the bicycle, with a big box, or the one on tricycle. It is very common in the countries such as Denmark or Holand where people consider about the environment.
Since light-weight cargo bikes have been developed in recent years and enabled to transport bigger size of the load, many messenger company start using cargo bike.
Because of environmental friendly spec, it is getting popular in Japan as well.
"Cargo Bike by 7BiCYCLE" believes that cargo bike inspires and improves the lives of many people and makes people smile.
We hope you join us!
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How to assemble BULLITT Cargo Bike

"How to assemble Cargo Bike" movie

Official "How To assemble Cargo Bike" YouTube movie by BULLITT maker [Larry vs Harry]

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