Cargo Bike Tokyo by 7 BiCYCLE



Bicycle probably is the most simple kind in the human vehicle.
Structure is also the part that can be touched and visible in the eyes except for certain kind.
The maintenance of your own bike with your own hands would be part of the fun.
The maintenance tools can be purchase at a DIY shop in your neighbor, but here we would like to introduce world-famouse tools.
Each tool can be high-priced but it should be a good deal if you can use it the rest of your life.
You can get tools of your need and make your own collection at "CARGO BIKE by 7bicycye".
Please contact us for the estimate because price displayed on this page has been provided by the manufacturers only for reference.


Tradition of over 1000. Pliers brand that combines German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology
Knipex the world has gained popularity in as maximum of pliers Europe (Knipex) company. Founded dates back to 1882, and offers a wide range of traditions and manufacturing know-how full of product. Among the more than 1,000 points of items, the most famous was named Cobra and Alligator, 3-ply of water pump pliers. Knipex the company has become a this product is of high performance pliers boasts a high operability and durability standard with a patent, inherited becoming tradition and unique technology has perfect harmony.

Water Pump Plier "Cobra" 8702-250 (5600 JPY)

It can be apply directly on the workpiece and adjusted by pushing the button. Since the self-locking to a precision adjustment and is easy to grip the handle positions pipes and nuts to be optimally adapted to different sizes of the workpiece, without having to slide off from the workpiece, it can work without a force. The gripping surface has attached teeth that are special quenching is. Hardness of teeth in about 61 HRC, than high wear resistance, reliable grasp followed a long period of time. The structure of box-joint: Very stable because of the double guide. Since the hinge bolt engage fully, there is no displacement of the adjustment. y pinch protection, I will prevent the finger is sandwiched. Chrome vanadium electric steel, forgings, oil quenching KNIPEX CobraR is, is a high-tech water pump pliers. Opening width does not need to try one by one whether correct. And rely instead, workpiece the top half of the jaws, press the button, and slide it until it hits the bottom of the jaw. Very simple.

Water Pump Plier "Smart Grip" 8501-250 (8100 JPY)

Ideal if you frequently grab the various sizes of the workpiece. Structure of the automatic adjustment head and joints are slim in the right hand and the left hand of the one-handed operation, the flush joint bolt, since the self-locking in particular is excellent pipe and nut to access to the workpiece, that slide down from the workpiece no, I can work without focus. The gripping surface has attached teeth that are special quenching is. Hardness of teeth in about 61 HRC, than high wear resistance, reliable grasp followed a long period of time. Box joint structure: it is very stable by double guide. By pinch protection, I will prevent the finger is sandwiched. Close to reliably handle the lock lever, you can carry on without taking the place. Chrome vanadium electric steel, forgings, the adjustment work to match the oil quenching workpiece, is done automatically in KNIPEX SmartGripR! Place your pliers, it is completion of adjustment if Chijimere press the handle!

Twin Force Nipper

High performance powerful nippers with double joint that is patented. Optimal leverage ratio due to double joint structure. All types of wire I will surely cut. I can also be used for steel tape. Rough or delicate cutting. Shock during cutting is small: to protect the hand. I will lighten the burden on the muscles and tendons. It is possible to comfortably cut, it is effective when cutting operation or especially of continuous use in hard cutting work. High stability and play with no movement chrome vanadium high-performance steel with forged joint axle, forgings, oil quenching re-adjustable. Even with a thick wire of 4 mm, and if KNIPEX TwinForceR, a few retries, you can disconnect without applying a force. In a conventional powerful nippers, or cutting of wire of such diameter is impossible, you must have a very large force even be cut.


Multi Color HEX-PLUS Wrench set


1862 "STAHLWILLE" brand began in the manufacturing of forged steel, at the time of the mid-1950s, commodity number of hand tools beyond the 3,000, was aligned factory, automobile, the global masterpiece on the market was the main aircraft field tool manufacturers of leading Germany.
Anyway spanner or wrench such as in brand logo is a symbol I have absolute confidence.
In particular, we obtained mean that plating is hard to peel off a very high evaluation from aircraft maintenance industry. Especially the quality of spanner class have absolute confidence, its shape is based on human engineering, as a result of the excess fat that does not have a meaning in the rigid surface was stripped down to the limit, the lightweight body cross-section of the spanner class becomes a type I structure has been achieved.
The chrome-plated surface is a satin finish, oil is less likely to slip be deposited, is further Stahlwille's plating is also known that hard to peel off, I have gained a particularly high evaluation in the aircraft maintenance field.
Reasonable style that is not decorated is a brand worthy to be called a very spartan.



Wearing the ultimate form in pursuit of function, superiority of a tool that gives off a graceful shine while hidden in the inner the toughness.
New Professional Satisfaction (A New satisfaction Guru), MIRROR nepros
Masterpiece that has attracted the best of Manufacturing of KTC is here.
Ideal of material development armed with high-strength, high toughness and high durability.
Advanced design concept of which was thoroughly pursued from various perspectives such as human engineering and mechanics.
Manufacturing technology has been redesigned to embody the ideal.
In his hand the ideal form of the tool was born in that to pursue the origin of the tool.

"Good Design" prize winning product

  • The oval head adopts the 90 sheets gear of world-class, it is the ratchet handle of the feed angle 4 °.
  • And smooth movement, conventional and equivalent strength, I proud of size.
  • To pursue the "use of yo", which is the origin of Nepurosu, we have created with attention to lightness and the sound of idling torque.
  • Union mechanism the socket is not detached from the ratchet unless inadvertently you do not press the push button.
  • As supply parts and sets the ratchet handle head repair kit.
  • Total length 180mm / head width 30mm / head thickness 15mm / shank φ20mm / weight 275g
Ratchet lacquer specification

Full build-to-order manufacturing model wearing a "lacquer" world's best "Nepurosu" of hand tools, which is also called JAPAN in the world. Spartan new horizons that gorgeous luxury to "advanced technology", "tradition of decoration" has been cut open by intersect "ornamental art tools". Are reference exhibit to "COOL KYOYO 2011", finally commercialization gem is instead a head-to-date model of attention. Functional beauty and traditional beauty ... one swing of the ultimate Kyoto of craftsmanship fused to you.


  • Grip is beautifully ingenious form unprecedented in the streamlined shape.
  • Tip is with magnet.
  • Cross reddish color, minus can be easily determined because I finished in green color system, and improves workability.
  • In consideration of the use of cross-minus, we use the original steel hardness of different chromium vanadium in each.
  • Tip has a small gap between the screw to the limit is hard licked, I will tell to ensure the torque.

BP Swiss Tool

Speaking of drivers PB.
Strict quality control and shipping system by all goods inspection produce the highest grade.
PB Swiss Tools (PB SWISS TOOLS) Inc. was founded as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment in 1878, and began the manufacture of hand tools at the request of the Swiss Army during World War II. Now began the production of driver also said that the face of PB in earnest is from 1947, and are you making the driver in Switzerland since 1953 it became the only PB. In addition to the driver are also manufacturing high-quality proven hex wrench, hammer punch, chisel, etc. 1200 kinds of tools as a tool, half have been exported to Japan, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, such as 26 countries.


Speaking of drivers I think not many people to associate the PB. That was established a firm position is right No.100, is the driver of the No.190. Cutting edge and grip as there remains a legend that initially it began to be imported from Switzerland had a PR of goods scraping stone use a flathead screwdriver as a chisel is tough, this product of its quality was observed is.

Multi-Craft driver

Multi-Craft driver, grip becomes thick round to make it easier to fit the hand, surface finish has been a machining with Zara slip in hand with an oil. Tip is manufactured in 1 / 100mm of accuracy, the cutting edge of the flat-blade screwdriver to parallel processing is given, to prevent the come-out. The accuracy and strength does not allow other followers.

Switzerland grip driver

Now it is Switzerland grip driver that is becoming the face of the PB of drivers. Shape of Switzerland grip driver in a multi-craft type based on human engineering, material hardness that has been carefully selected close to the hardness of the human hand, is improved so that it does not slip even with wet hands by the special treatment of the surface, the traditional PB handle characteristics has been further withdrawn. Also, drivers + and the rear wheel - etc. are written symbols as can be seen at a glance, and is friendly to be able to select the driver for the job immediately.


Cycle Tool Set


High-performance, high-quality tool making in order to develop a was far beyond the level of the world "Mitsubishi A6M Zero" (aka Zero fighter). There poured the passion is the origin of the Manufacturing of KTC.
Among shortages immediately after the end of the war, to determine the best steel, while spinning the passion to the tool making to stick to quality pursuit, was wearing a defunct inquiring mind that insatiable applied to technological innovation, the craftsmanship to pursue an advanced quality 3 by men of people, 1950 "KYOTO TOOL" is founded.
Quality was observed, and the delivery of automotive tools to Toyota car immediately after the establishment is initiated, stretched dramatically around the track from folding the entire automotive industry is the production volume, production volume of the tool also rise accordingly. Number of items riding the wave of subsequent motorization, and I won the position of production volume both domestic No.1.
And now, men of passion that produced a tool to develop a Zero fighter, it inherited as DNA of high quality pursue, and continue to evolve, to develop the F1 located at the top of the motor sport of masterpiece "Nepurosu" I have created a tool. And inherited the "passion that I put to the tool."